Archive Storage solutions for all your file storage needs

One of the benefits of archiving is that you still have complete access to your stored material anytime you like – right down to an individual sheet of paper, if required. The beauty is that you are not paying high premium rates for the inconvenience of having the files cluttering up your own workspace everyday of the week

Benefits of Achive Storage

  • Cost saving, it is much more cost effective to store your records off site rather than paying office rent and rates.
  • More space, with less filing, you will have more space to either expand your  business or simply provide a better environment for your staff.
  • Peace of mind, your records kept safe and secure within a purpose designed
    and fully monitored facility.

Peace of Mind Business File Storage

  • For your convieance records can be collected or retrieved at times convenient to you. Although you are separated from your records, you still control exactly what happens to them. Also dont forget:
  • Locakable unit
  • Delivery and Collection service
  • Monitored CCTV
  • No extra business rates
  • Monitored Alarms
  • Convenient location
"The storage facility as a whole is exceptional, I have never had a worry...."
Mr Burchell
"Very fair price and always go the extra mile to help if you need it..."
Lee Harris
"Have used the storage facility several times with no problem...."
Barbara Hudd
"The storage facility as a whole is exceptional, I have never had a worry...."
Mr Burchell
"Top place to help you out. Very helpful and fair. Personally I would use again.."
Andrew Musso

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