Packaging Boxes & Removals Materials

Are you looking for boxes, tape and other materials for removals? Home & Office have a wide range Packing Boxes and removals materials you will need to pack your belongings safely.
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Buy Materials Direct From Our Office in Weston-super-Mare

Moving Boxes
Large boxes £3.95
Small boxes £2.50
File boxes £2.75
Portable wardrobe £14.99

Seal It Range of Packing Tape
Brown Parcel tape £1.75
Clear parcel tape £1.75
Tape dispenser gun £7.00

Specialist Items
Blanket £3.99
Armchair cover £12.95
Sofa cover £12.95
Dust cover £12.95

Mattress Covers
Single mattress cover £11.95
Double mattress cover £11.95
King size mattress cover £11.95

Mover Package £75
10 x large boxes
10 x small boxes
1 x 5m bubble wrap
1 x 5kg packing paper

Protector Range
Packing Paper £9.00
Packing chips £22.00 a bag
Small Bubble wrap £9.99
Large Bubble wrap £29.99

Crockery Pack £15
Everything you need to pack your crockery, includes dividers and comes complete with 5 foam bags to assist in packing

SPECIAL OFFER – Home & Office have a range of used packing boxes in various sizes – read more here, call 01934 647776 or Contact our office.

Crates and Flat Bed Hire
Crates £1 per day plus deposit
Sack truck £8 per day plus deposit
Flat Truck £8 per day plus deposit
Piano Truck £10 per day plus deposit
Stairclimbing truck £12 per day plus deposit
Turntable truck £25 per day plus deposit

Secure it Padlock Range
Brass padlock £9.95
Silver Padlocks £14.95
Rectangular padlock £5.99

Helpful Tips When Moving Home

Ensure that the removal lorry can park in the road without obstruction to neighbours or traffic flow of the road

Make sure removals staff have access to the front and back of the property (if applicable)

Notify them of any particularly hefty/large items that may need careful consideration to move

Do you live in a first or second floor flat? Is the staircase straight or round corners?

Do you need to use a lift? Is their lift access?

Affordable Removal Services by Home and Office

Avoid the stress and hassle and look for an experienced, local and well established removal company that offers a complete moving packing and removals service and relax with peace of mind by asking for a Home & Office Full Removals Quotation.

The contact form does take a few minutes to complete but is well worth the work to get an accurate cost quotation.